SAGA DOME 6″ 165mm - with removable sun visor


  • Body made of 60/82 black anodized aluminum. With removable Delrin lens hood.
  • Dome: BK-7 optical glass.
  • In its convex part it is coated with Si02 (silicon oxide) that allows a refraction of 0.01% for better light transmission.
  • In its concave part it has an anti-reflection layer.


The 6″ 165mm Saga dome - with removable sunshield, is manufactured for the following housings:


  • Ref. 1130 for Aquatica
  • Ref. 1131 for Hugy
  • Ref. 1132 for Nauticam
  • Ref. 1133 for Sea&Sea
  • Ref. 1134 for Subal 3G
  • Ref. 1135 for Subal 4G
  • Ref. 1137 for Isotta
  • Ref. 1138 for Ikelite
  • Ref. 1139 for Ikelite DL
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Saga 6.5" 165mm dome with removable sun visor

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The Saga 6″ 165mm dome - with removable sunshield, is manufactured for all major brands of housings on the market.

Consult the list to find your model.

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