Exclusively designed for use with our TRIO - Saga lens.


They can be manufactured for any type of flash
Built in DelRin and 2mm diameter optical fiber





  • This accessory concentrates the light by means of optical fiber, it adapts to the flash head to conduct the light through the fiber and bring it in front of the magnifying lens, it is ideal for extreme macro photography.


  • The working range is the one allowed by the magnifying lens, approximately between: 2.5 and 10cm.


  • It can be adapted to any front as long as it does not have different diameters, (no steps), this is because the fibers can be retracted allowing to unscrew the lens easily. When we move the fibers backwards, the angle of illumination is changed. This system does not force us to use only this type of illumination, since it is very easy to remove the flash from the support where the fibers are housed and use the equipment in a conventional way.


  • By providing a circular light, we can compose the image either horizontally or vertically and we will have correct lighting in difficult places where we could not illuminate with a conventional flash (cracks, holes, etc.).
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Fiber optic flash for TRIO lens - Saga

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Fiber optic ring flash for Saga Dive TRIO lens

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