Saga presents its new product. The innovative SAGA KOUEN

Saga Kouen is a screen magnifier for monitor cases and monitors.

This magnifier magnifies the image without color aberrations or distortions at any of its margins.


In detail, in concept, the SAGA KOUEN is an accessory that allows to operate at a distance of 30 to 40 cm from the camera screen to the diver's eye, with a magnification of more than x2 of the original screen of the housing, monitor or external monitor. Its design avoids light reflections on the monitor screen and on the lens, allowing a more accurate and comfortable observation of the images of our housings.

Its small size makes it a versatile and ideal accessory. For a standard screen of a housing (approx. 3 inches), the image obtained would be equivalent to wearing at least a 7-inch monitor. If the SAGA KOUEN is used with a 5-inch monitor (such as a Shinobi or Ninja V from Nauticam) the applied effect of the magnifier would be like seeing the image on a 10-inch monitor.

It can be folded down thanks to its trigger system, a system similar to that of our folding mounts but which works with greater fixation to prevent movement of the magnifier.

This represents a great advantage for the underwater cameraman, working with different approaches and systems:

  • Manual focus
  • Hybrid Autofocus Phase and Contrast Systems (Sony, Nikon)
  • Phase only (Canon)
  • Contrast only (Panasonic).


This facility to find the optimum focus in an absolute and more comfortable way, makes it easier for the user to find the most extreme positioning of the lens, as there is no need to keep the eye glued to the viewfinder. This is very useful for both macro and wide-angle images, in case of manual focusing on the move.

The SAGA KOUEN allows you to work with a very narrow depth of field, either in auto or manual focus, and know exactly where the focus is. Some 3" and 5" monitors sometimes do not have the ability to show the focal point of the image with great definition and shots can be out of focus when we thought they were in focus.

This SAGA KOUEN magnifier will also reduce the weight of numerous underwater equipment, without external monitors that are heavy to travel and work with, eliminating the weight of transporting external monitor housings and batteries for the monitors.

Last but not least, it allows significant cost savings if you want to dispense with the need for external monitors and viewers.

However, the SAGA KOUEN is also an excellent complementary accessory to other external monitors, enhancing their functions.





  • Black Delrin body construction
  • Black anodized aluminum trigger system
  • Black anodized aluminum plate with 3M double-sided adhesive tape
  • (1x) 4.5 diopter optical lens
  • Dimensions: 92mm Height x 100mm Diameter
  • Weight:


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Saga Kouen - Magnifying visor

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