Adapter ring for Gates housings (Z90, AX700, NX80 & AX100) with Inon UWL-95S 67mm + Dome Lens Unit 3 optical glass (141º)


SAGA presents a new adaptation to use the Inon UWL-95S 67mm dome + Dome lens unit 3 optical glass with Gates Z90, AX700, NX80 & AX100 housings.

This adaptation is made of anodized aluminum material and consists of inner O-rings to create a watertight space that connects the Inon dome to the Gates housing via a compatible bayonet.

With this dome we can achieve 141º, a quite significant increase compared to the GP 34 A WA dome that could originally be used with this Gates housing, which had a maximum range of 91º.


Here we see a comparison to appreciate the difference in final range:

(Click on the images to see their original size)


Inon 141º + Adapter Saga VS GP 34 A WA



GP 34 A WA


We can also appreciate the difference in sharpness obtained with the Inon lens thanks to its glass dome.

Inon 141º + Saga Adapter



**Important note:

The internal filter flip with the URPRO internal red filter is NOT operational with the new wide angle and therefore you have to place the FIXED INTERNAL RED filter with double sided tape IN FRONT OF THE LENS OF THE CAMERA LENS Z90 , AX700 , NX80 , AX100 etc and perform MANUAL WB BEFORE EVERY SHOOT. This neutralizes the red color and gives accurate colors underwater.




INON models are designed for cameras with a 1-inch sensor such as
the Z90, AX700, NX80 and AX100 and retrofitting is possible on the Z90, AX700, NX80 and AX100.
all SONY GATES housings for these models.


Product description

Inon UWL-95S M67 C24 wide angle conversion lens

  • Maximum angle of view: 95° underwater / 159° in the air.
  • Maximum angle of view with dome: 141º underwater
  • Minimum focusing distance 0 cm both on land and underwater.
  • 1.0-inch type sensor with bright master lens camera support.
  • The renewed optical design effectively suppresses glare even at high
    backlit condition to provide a sharp, high quality image.


  • Outside diameter: φ90.0 mm/3.5 in.
  • Length: 48.3 mm/1.9 in.
  • Weight: [air] 611 g / 21.6 oz [underwater] approx. 392 g / 13.8 oz
  • Mounting system: INON M67 mount
  • Depth rating: 60 m / 196.9 ft.
  • Material: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Surface finish: Rigid black almita, POM, etc.
  • Glass/coating: optical glass/anti-reflective coating on both sides
  • Lens construction/ magnification: 3 groups 4 elements / 0.63 (afocal)
  • Max. angle of view: [under water] approx. 95.1°, [air] 159.0°.


SAGA DIVE offers you this new adapter ring together with the dome + lens Inon UWL-95S 67mm, included in the final price of the product.


*Units made to order





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Adapter ring for Gates - Inon UWL-95S & Dome 141°.

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