NA-ARRI ALEXA 35 (Inc. 100mm housing extension and 250mm N200 wide-angle optical glass port)


Building on ARRI's already impressive range of film cameras, the ALEXA 35 is perfectly suited to underwater production by giving photographers a compact, feature-packed complement to their ARRI camera lineup. It has a compact and rugged form factor similar to the ALEXA Mini, but adds high-end features more akin to those of the larger ALEXA camera. The ALEXA 35 is capable of recording both ARRIRAW and Apple ProRES on 2TB Codex drives at up to 4.6K resolution and frame rates up to 120p.

To take full advantage of the new sensor, ARRI also developed the new REVEAL Color Science. Designed with feedback from colorists and cinematographers, REVEAL Color Science creates enhanced color, contrast, sensitivity and dynamic range.

In addition to ARRI's newest LPL holder (LBUS), which is designed to cover ARRI's full range of sensor sizes with optimized full sensor coverage, the ALEXA 35 also supports the PL to LPL adapter, EF holder and PL holder.



Depth classification Casing: 80m 250mm | Dome glass: 45m
Weight in air (casing only) 14.2kg
Weight in air (incl. external and internal accessories) 20kg
Water buoyancy (incl. camera, lens, bebob B290 battery & 250mm dome) 3.3kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 310mm x 246mm x 500mm
Port system N200




What is in the box:

  • 16138 Digital Cinema System for ARRI ALEXA 35 Camera
  • Housing extension 100 mm, N200 250 mm wide-angle optical glass port (depth rating: 45 m)
  • 3 lens control assemblies with stackable drive shafts and 15 mm rods
  • Vacuum control and leak detection system, double-acting vacuum valve
  • Quick release and adjustable top handle, left handle and right handle
  • Casing skids
  • Set of counterweights
  • 2x rigid travel cases
  • Tool kit and O-ring kit


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NA-Arri Alexa 35 (Inc. 100mm housing extension and 250mm N200 wide-angle optical glass port)

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The ARRI ALEXA 35 sets a new standard for Super 35 digital camcorders and features a new 4.6K ALEV 4 CMOS sensor. It offers a massive 17 stops of dynamic range and a host of new features that make it the new gold standard for digital cinematography.

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