NA-Z8 for Nikon


The Z8 is arguably Nikon's most anticipated full-frame mirrorless camera and the first to feature the flagship '8' series. Featuring a high-resolution 45.7MP sensor that will also capture 8K/60p N-RAW video while offering incredible autofocus and dynamic range. The Z8's 3690 000 dot OLED electronic viewfinder includes a fast refresh rate for blackout-free shooting thanks to the camera's electronic shutter. The Nauticam NA-Z8 is the latest release in the world's finest line of underwater camera housings and is based on the field-proven housings for other Nikon Z-series cameras. Nauticam is the market leader in ergonomics, build quality and reliability that are based on innovative product design and modern manufacturing technology. The NA-Z8 is the ultimate accessory for the powerful Nikon Z8.

Note: images shown are representations, actual housing may vary.



Dimensions 356mm(W)x 204mm(H) x 163mm(D)
weight in air 3.4kg
Buoyancy in water Negative 0.05kg (includes camera in body)
Maximum depth 100m
Port N120
Port accessories (front) 1x M24 and 1xM161x M10 and 4x 1/4-20UNC tapped hole.
Port accessories (rear) 1x M16



  • NA-Z8 housing with two handles and mounting balls
  • 90122 Replacement main O-ring, O-ring puller and lubricant
  • 2 optical bulkhead covers
  • Panasonic CR-2032 battery (for humidity alarm)
  • Allen key set
  • manual instruction card
  • Padded case bag and shoulder strap.

PDF Manual Coming Soon!



1) Necessary accessories for HDMI 2.0 cable system

25086 M24 adapter for HDMI 2.0 cable (incl. tightening tool)
25099 M24A2R200-M28A1R170 HDMI 2.0 cable (for NA-to-1 for use with Ninja V housing) *To test.

Monitor housing:

17922 Nauticam Atomos Ninja V Housing for Atomos Ninja V 5” 4Kp60 4:2:2 1 0-bit Reorderer/Monitor/Player (excl. HDMI 2.0 cable)
17922S Atomos Ninja VS Nauticam Housing for Atomos Ninja V 5” 4Kp60 4:2:2 10-bit Reorderer/Monitor/Player (excl. HDMI 2.0 cable) with Atomos AtomX SDI Module

2) Necessary accessories for HDMI 1.4 cable system

25033 Standard HDMI bulkhead with M16* thread
Reducer adapter 25081 M24-M16
25100 HDMI cable (D-A) 1.4, 200 mm long for NA-a1 (for HDMI bulkhead to camera connection)
*25033 included in the following monitor housings.

Monitor casings:

17923 NA-Shinobi-H Housing for Atomos Shinobi 5.2″ 4K HDMI monitor
17925 NA-503-H SmallHD 503 UltraBright On-Camera Monitor Housing

Monitor mounting system required

17951 Nauticam Atomos Shogun Housing Mounting System
17954 Tripod Plate for NA-A7S and NA-GH4
Nauticam Atomos Shogun 17957 housing mount adapter for NA-S1R/S1H/BMPCC/E2F/R3/Z9 (SN of A439736)
17960 Universal Quadra-Pod Plate for Nauticam Housings

Wet lenses:

81201 Super Macro Converter 1 (2.3x magnification)
81202 Super Macro Converter 2 (4x magnification)
86201 Macro to Wide Angle Lens 1 (MWL-1) 150 degrees. FOV with 60 mm full frame macro lens.
85201 0.36x wide-angle conversion port with floating aluminum collar (incl. N120 a
N100 port adapter)
85203 Wide Wetted Compact Lens (WWL-C) 130 deg. FOV with compatible 24 mm lenses (incl. floating collar).
85204 Wide Angle Conversion Port 0.57x - 2 (WACP-2) 140 degrees. FOV with Compatible
14 mm lenses (including floating collar)
85205 N100 0.36x Compact Wide Angle Conversion Port (WACP-C)
87301 EMWL set No. 1 (incl. focus unit No. 2, 150 mm relay lens and 3 objective lenses)
87302 EMWL set no. 2 (incl. focusing unit no. 2, 150 mm relay lens and 3 objective lenses)
87201 EMWL Focusing unit No. 1 (for Nikon FF 105 mm and M4/3 60 mm)
87202 EMWL focus unit no. 2 (for Canon FF 100 mm and APS-C 60 mm)
87211 EMWL 150 mm relay lens
87221 EMWL 60° objective lens
87222 EMWL 100° objective lens
87223 EMWL 130° objective lens
87226 EMWL 160° objective lens

Optional accessories for use with wet lenses:

25101 Diopter holder flip M67 for M67 macro ports
25108 M67 double bracket for M67 macro ports
83214 Bayonet mount adapter for SMC/CMC
83250 M67 to bayonet mount converter II
83251 M77 to bayonet mount converter II
86221 M67 Hinged support for MWL-1
86222 Double hinged support for MWL-1
87501 Hinged EMWL holder
87512 Screen for 130° objective lens
87513 Screen for 100° objective lens
87515 M67 mount for EMWL focus unit
87516 EMWL Bayonet mount for floating arm Ø70
87517 EMWL Bayonet bracket for Ø90 floating arm
87518 Strobe light mounting brackets for EMWL relay lens
87519 Screen for 160° objective lens

Buoyancy recommendation for housing configurations: (depending on port and lens options)

72216 Aluminum Float Arm Carbon Fiber Ø70x200mm (Buoyancy 370g)
72217 Aluminum Float Arm Carbon Fiber Ø70x250mm (Buoyancy 520g)
72218 Aluminum Float Arm Carbon Fiber Ø70x300mm (Buoyancy 670g)
72219 Aluminum Float Arm Carbon Fiber Ø90x170mm (Buoyancy 450g)
72220 Aluminum Float Arm Carbon Fiber Ø90x220mm (Buoyancy 720g)
72233 Single bayonet mount II for floating arm Ø70
72234 Double bayonet mount II for floating arm Ø70
72243 Single bayonet bracket II for Ø90 floating arm
72244 Double bayonet bracket II for Ø90 floating arm
83252 Bayonet support for arms
83253 Double bayonet bracket for arms
83254 Bayonet lens holder for floating arms Inon
87516 EMWL Bayonet mount for floating arm Ø70
87517 EMWL Bayonet bracket for Ø90 floating arm

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